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Double Feature with Slam Free Or Die Online

Since we're unable to meet at Stark Brewing Company, I hope you can join us online with Slam Free or Die!

Room will open at 7:40pm, and open mic will commence from 8pm-10pm. Bring your poems, your pajamas, or your Thursday night show looks, and let's share our art in the midst of these rough times!

Co-featuring with me is my friend Myles Bullen, a Language Artist using poetry and rap as a conduit for storytelling and psychosomatic discharge.


- please keep your microphone muted, unless it is your turn to read

- each reader will have 4-5 minutes

- we encourage you to make use of the chat window for digital snaps and affirmations, in lieu of mic'd responses

- we may all unmute for 5 seconds following each poet, to give them the applause they deserve!

- we will read until the list is over, or until we hit 10pm - whichever comes first. On night with features, we will read until 9:30pm!

- if anyone is equipped, we encourage you to donate to our Venmo @slamfreeordie, as well as our regular (and currently out-of-work) bartender Lindsey's Venmo @Lindsey-Anderson-46


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