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I'm a 2022 Ashley Bryan Fellow!

Ashley Bryan was an award winning African American writer and illustrator for people of all ages. Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance (MWPA) are able to honor his legacy by providing fellowships that support emerging artists of color residing in Maine.

The fellowship includes networking opportunities, access to MWPA's writing workshops, and other literary resources from MWPA's membership.

I'm proud to be one of the 2022 Ashley Bryan Fellows along with these amazing humans: Wendy Newell Dyer, Ian-Khara Ellasante, Michelle Kazaka, and Leila Nadir.

In collaboration with all of the 2021 Ashley Bryan Fellows, Coco McCracken wrote this about the fellowship:

"Ashley Bryan Fellows are invited to hone their literary craft and build community in safe spaces, free from bigotry and white supremacism. Whether addressing these themes in our work or in conversation with one another, this Fellowship is designed to break down barriers that have impacted marginalized communities of color in Maine. We do so by honoring each other’s work, making space for authentic truth-telling, and calling one another in rather than calling out in order to repair harm when necessary. Through these means, we are building a network of mutual support to bolster each member’s creative and professional goals. Until our literary world provides equal access to opportunity for BIPOC writers, this group sees the Ashley Bryan Fellowship as an opportunity to build stronger connections and to acknowledge and celebrate literary ingenuity within our vibrant, multifaceted communities."


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