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I'm Publishing a Chapbook!

I finally won something!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

And what an honor to be selected by writers that I admire and to be paired with fellow winning writers I also admire!

I have been working on these poems for the past two years ever since I started it as my thesis at Randolph College's low-residency MFA. This collection is about where grief comes from, grief for our loved ones who die by suicide, and what it means to grieve people in community after unnecessary tragedy. It is a collection that begs the question, In the midst of grief, is there any room to celebrate? 

It is also an honor and a privilege to be publishing this book in such an accessible way for folks to get it. Garden Party Collective is creating a pay what you can model for physical copies, and is creating a free ebook version. Because this book covers topics that is near and dear to so many, it makes sense to publish it in this format.

More details to come! Looking forward to it coming out this year!


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